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Does your administration's office have a revolving door?

Executive turnover is an increasing threat to the continuity of health care delivery in the United States. A change in leadership can be disruptive for any organization, but the complexities of healthcare make it an even bigger challenge for organizations in the industry. 

Retain and reward your top executive talent with the Healthcare Executive Advantage Plan™.  Linking compensation to loyalty, performance, and/or other assessment metrics creates organizational alignment and establishes a culture of stability and continuity. This results in enhanced relationships and an improved ability to attract the right talent for your organization. 

Executive Advantages

  • Unlike qualified plans, the program does not have a maximum deferral limit
  • Benefits accrue without current income taxation
  • Does not coordinate with (or diminish) qualified plans
  • Enhances overall “total rewards” package for executives
  • Provides a significant reward for stability and retention

Organization Advantages

  • Cost-effective use of existing assets to retain and reward superior performance and longevity
  • Rewards may be linked to annual or short-term performance and/or quality measurements
  • The re-positioned asset provides diversification of hospital investments
  • Selective participation allows for the selection of eligible executives at the hospital’s discretion
  • Simple to administer

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