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Are you harnessing the competitive advantages of your benefits?

A nonqualified deferred compensation plan can give your organization a competitive edge by improving your physician recruitment and retention. You can further distinguish yourself in the marketplace by increasing the impact of your plan through effective design, education, and communication.

Establish A Plan 

A nonqualified deferred compensation plan is appealing to physicians because it may provide meaningful rewards that could better position them for retirement. MaxWorth can assist you in the design and implementation of a deferred compensation plan so you can potentially harness the advantage of competitive benefits.

Update Your Current Plan 

Many healthcare organizations have nonqualified deferred compensation plans that haven’t been reviewed or updated in quite some time. As a result, their plans no longer meet their needs. 

It’s also common for organizations to have benefit plans in place that haven’t been effectively communicated to their physicians. Unfortunately, a plan that hasn’t been effectively communicated will not create a competitive advantage in recruitment and retention.

MaxWorth can help you update and communicate your existing benefit offerings so your physicians can appreciate your retention efforts.

How We Are Different 

Having years of experience in both the healthcare and financial services industries, MaxWorth is positioned to help you build a plan tailored to the needs of your organization and physician employees.

We work to understand your physicians’ needs with the goal of turning their benefits into a more meaningful resource. Through our partner network, you will have access to professionals in plan financing, investment selection, and employee benefit law. We will guide you through a turnkey process and make sure your participants understand the plan and the benefits of participation. 

On an ongoing basis, we will continue to monitor the plan and communicate with your physicians, supporting them on their financial journeys and keeping them on track for retirement.

Contact Us

Every healthcare organization is unique. Our physician benefit  plans are designed to be customized to fit your needs. Schedule a call with one of our plan professionals to discover how we can help you turn your physician benefit  plan into one of your most valuable assets.

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